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The Jensen Project is headquartered in Texas and New York City. The organization partners with leading experts in the areas of childhood development, professionals on college campuses who are responsible for dealing with sexual harassment and campus rape, crisis centers, experts in the area of early childhood education and counselors in the area of empathy and compassion.


A recent study conducted for The Jensen Project by YouthBeat, a research firm, lists bullying as one of the top concerns among young children ages 4–9. Beyond teaching our children how to protect themselves, a real need exists to teach children what it means to be empathetic and compassionate so they grow up to be kind and caring adults.

Empathy and compassion are traits that can be learned, experts in child psychology say. Children learn by example from their parents, from peer group pressures and through formal awareness training programs. In this age of global unrest when children have so much universal access to information, it is crucial to provide youth with the skills to put violence in perspective so they don’t lose sight of the importance of empathy and compassion.

The Jensen Project is continuously seeking opportunities to reach children where they play and learn in order to raise awareness of what it means to be empathetic and compassionate towards one another.


Sexual assault, harassment, stalking, intimate partner violence, hazing and bullying have become a growing threat on college campuses around the country.

A recent study presented in Boston at the annual meeting of the Association for Psychological Science found the biggest drop in empathy among college students since 2000. The study analyzed data on empathy among 14,000 college students over the last 30 years. According to the study, empathy has decreased by 40% and narcissism has increased by 58% in incoming college freshman over the past three decades.

The Jensen Project works with Title IX Counselors and senior Administrators on campuses to introduce and help implement innovative ways to educate students about prevention and response to inappropriate conduct. The aim is to increase the awareness of tools for the prevention of assault and bullying, educate students about the available resources for sexual assault victims, encourage victims to feel supported, and help them find the courage to report incidents.